Our Qaulity System

Quality Assurance System

  • Eco Die Casting company is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/TS16949 Certificated.
  • We carry out strict quality plan and production control for FA, SPC, PPAP,APQP in accordance with ISO systems.
  • Our QC inspector, QC engineers, and managers were qualified with the third part of authorization quality agency.
  • Our facility is equipped with all necessary inspection equipment for dimensional, cosmetic, and functional testing.


Quality and Production Plan

  • We create specific quality control plan for each die casting project, which will clearly describe all key product characteristics, define the inspection methods and criteria.
  • A BOS(bill of specification) will be essential for any of our project before a project is kicked-off. And all of operators, engineers, project managers would work a line of this specification.
  • Our manufacturing engineer would release a manufacturing process flowchart and work instruction to define how our operators should work accordingly.
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is performed to assure the prevention of defectives through the manufacturing process.
  • A critical parameters & requirement list will be prepared and reviewed by our project manager, which is to ensure that we are doing right and accurate things to meet customer’s critical specification & requirement
  • A Full Dimensional Layout is performed to verify mold design and part print compliance in the pre-production phase.
  • When first sample is ready, we perform full dimension inspection for part qualification, and provide QC datasheet for customer to review.-First Article Inspection (FA)
  • During the production run, we perform SPC control for critical dimensions to monitor and control critical dimension based on 2D drawing.
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is performed during the manufacturing process.
  • PPAP Report is available to evaluate the whole manufacturing system


Quality Control


Dimensional Control:

Before mass production, we must complete quality control by FA, SPC, APQP so as to ensure all of dimensions are in spec of customer’s requirement (based on design drawing)

As die casting products require in-process control, we strictly inspect our products every 2 hours and make sure no dimensional deviation from specification.


Cosmetic Inspection

Our quality system will take 100% visual inspection to prevent any visible or unseeing defects existing on our die casting products. And ensure our customer will receive high quality die casting parts or full products from us.


Assembly & Function Testing

After production and comprehensive inspection, we will perform assembly and function test for customer, which is to simulate the real usage condition and prevent any potential defect to happen. In this way, we have helped customers to save time and cost while their production period.


Measuring Equipment

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)- (2 sets)

Projector (1 set)

X-Ray Machine (1 set)

Caliper-150mm (10 sets)

Caliper-300mm (5 sets)

Pin Gauge – range from diameter 0.5~25mm (2 set)

Thickness Gauge- range from diameter 0.1~1.5mm (2 sets)

Height Meter (1 set)

Run-out Tester(1 set))

Roundness Tester (1 set)

Testing Platform (1 set)

Salt Spray Tester (1 set)

Surface Roughness Tester (2 sets)

Hardness Tester (1 set)

Raw Material Analyzer Spectrometer (1 set)

Color Spectrophotometer (1 set)