Quality Control of Die Casting Process

Quality Control of Die Casting Process

It’s a common sense that quality is very important for a die casting manufacturer and their customers. This is why we emphasize we must take strict quality control during die casting process.

From our quality experience, we summarized those three critical points for die casting parts as below

Dimensional Control:

Before mass production, we must complete quality control by FA, SPC, APQP so as to ensure all of dimensions are in spec of customer’s requirement (based on design drawing)

As die casting products require in-process control, we should strictly inspect our products every 2 hours and make sure no dimensional deviation from specification.

Cosmetic Inspection

Our quality system will take 100% visual inspection to prevent any visible or unseeing defects existing on our die casting products. And ensure our customer will receive high quality die casting parts or full products from us.

Assembly & Function Testing

After production and comprehensive inspection, we will perform assembly and function test for customer, which is to simulate the real usage condition and prevent any potential defect to happen. In this way, we have helped customers to save time and cost while their production period.

Meanwhile we may also need to control the process of  die casting machine, since the casting parts are originally made by those machines. so the quality controllers may utilize micro processors to access transducers mounted on the die casting machine, to obtain velocity, position, hydraulic pressure and tie-bar strain data, etc. The quality controller may also need to collect machine performance data for statistical analysis in quality control.

The above mentioned quality measures can powerfully manage your die casting quality, we hope this information help you better to understand the casting quality system. Thank you!


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