Socket hub die casting


The socket hub needs to be mounted in the oil pump system, which requires a 10 years of corrosion resistance. As a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer, we were asked to provide this aluminum casting hub to a US client in 2015. Up to now, we have produced over 200,000 pcs of this part for client.


This part is made from A383 with cold die casting process. As A383 alloy has a very high melting point(around 720°C). we use a pre-melting furnace that set aside of die casting machine, and pour the molten material inside casting machine. After the raw casting part is finished, we need to get it polish, deburring, CNC machining for the screw feature, anodizing, and ultrasonic-clean. A liquid leakage test must performed by our professional QC team. Meanwhile, a SGS test report is attached to client along with the shipping goods.


Although client only put small order each time, but we never neglected the quality control processes. We fully control the quality from material composition inspection, function, and appearance. Our client satisfied our casting product very well.