Side Cover of Agitator

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The side cover of agitator is a consumer electronic parts, which is made from magnesium die casting part. As magnesium parts allow thin of wall, light weight, and good corrosion resistant. This why magnesium die casting parts are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, military and computer.


As we know, magnesium is about 30% lighter than aluminum, it is one of the easiest metals to machine, is normally in silvery-white color, since magnesium has excellent flow characteristics. Therefore many designers prefer to use magnesium die casting part.


Magnesium alloys die casting is a quite popular metal die casting manufacturing process in the manufacturing industry. Even though magnesium die casting is done in different methods, but its goal is to produce high strengths and light weight casting parts. Normally magnesium alloy combines with the advantages of other metals  like aluminum, zinc , copper, etc.



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