As professional casting manufacturer, we produced this shaft housing for a Australia clients since 2013. The parts made from ADC12 aluminum with sand spraying process. since it’s a medical casting parts, it has a very strict quality requirement at both mechanical property and surface treatment. To achieve this goal, we designed a prototyping casting mold to test the material and process before mass production. even though it has some casting defects on the first around of sample, but we tweaked some the venting and overflow structure, and we got the perfect trial products eventually. After three around of trial, our clients satisfied with our products and decided to make a official production mold tool. Here below is the mold specification:

Number of Cavity: 1*2

Die Casting Mold Material: H13(HRC52°C)

Mold Base Brand: LKM(China)

Mold Life: 100,000 shots

Casting Cycle Tim: 40 Seconds

Part Weight: 1.2KG

Tolerance: +/-0.02