motor housing die casting

This motor housing is an aluminum die casting parts that used for an German motor company. With material of ADC12 for raw casting, it features excellent heat resistance, outstanding corrosion resistance, and lightweight. Since electronic motor is a special components for other finish product, it requires lower operational temperatures even the motor runs for a long time. The client specify their quality criteria as 24 hours aging test and running test. All of raw material had been inspected. To double-check we are using the accurate raw material as designed, we carefully check out the material composition by spectrometer.


The parts is about 12KG in weight, we used a big ladle to pour molten material inside casting machine, the whole raw casting process takes about 55 seconds for such a big part. After this, we exerted gate blanking, deburring, polish, and sand blasted.


Because of oversea shipment, we used a strong and custom packing box that withstand high impact strength. Our customer is very happy with our detail-oriented die casting service.



1. Quality System: ISO 9001:2000 and TS16949

2. Number of QC inspectors: 10 QC inspectors, 2 QC engineers

3. Measurement Tools: CMM, Projector, X-ray Tester, Micrometer, Pin Gauge, Caliper, Height Meter, Thread Gauge,

4. Die Casting Mold Design: Pro/e, UG, , Solidworks, Auto CAD, MAGMA 5 moldflow