As a high quality die casting manufacturer, we understand our customer not only just consider about product quality, but also care about the manufacturing cost. This is also why we are striving to improve our quality and reduce the cost. However do you know why a different die casting company offers totally different prices? Here below let us discuss those factors one by one.


Factor 1: Different facility running cost

Relatively to say, a big die casting factory will definitely have more running cost than a small company, because large factory requires more work-site, more salary, more administration fee.


Factor 2: Different investment cost

Normally a big die casting company will invest not only for more expensive facility(mold making machines, die casting machines, inspection machines), but also hiring more experienced employee which could be much expensive than a normal worker.


Factor 3: More cost on certification and quality system

As we know, quality is one of the most important concern to choose a supplier. However the casting factory needs to organize their factory to be audited and past with expected certificates(ISO, TS16949). Basically 90% of large or middle size die casting has those certificates, but for some small die casting factories, they don’t have.