Light Cap

Since LED light becomes more and more popular in every corner of world. You can see many LED lights in some public area or home. And die casting cases and covers are the most important components for LED light. This is why many LED lights manufacturers are looking for a die casting partner.


Most of LED lights are made from aluminum die casting parts, because it offers high corrosion resistance, good high and low temperature resistance, more choice for surface treatment. Meanwhile, the cost of aluminum alloy material is much cheaper than zinc alloy and magnesium alloy. And we can say aluminum die casting process is our first choice for light parts.


The common aluminum material used for LED lights are ADC10, ADC12, A360, A380, A383, etc. For different using condition, the surface treatment of LED light parts could be electro-plating, anodizing, sand-spraying, screen printing. Painting, etc.


The main challenge for die casting light parts is about corrosion resistance, as it must be explored in different environment, all of our LED die casting products must be passed a 24 hours of salt-spray and acid test by our professional QC team. Up to now, we have made over 800,000 pcs of LED light die casting parts annual for 10 different customers from US and UK. All of them are impressed with our fast interaction, high quality, and competitive price.