This is an automotive die casting parts that we produced for a Germany car company. It has strict quality requirement on the anti-corrosion, strength, and high temperature using condition. In order to meet those specification, we take carefully attention to control the quality from mold tooling design, casting process, and surface treatment. Since it’s a little bit thin wall, there is a risk to crack after casting yet using condition. We use totally brand new and first hand raw material for casting. Meanwhile, the ejection system is also an important factory. If the ejection pins are not located evenly, it will easily occur a crack issue. On the other hand, for big part casting, if the mold clamping force is not enough, there might be a risk to over-flash some metal, which could be very dangerous for workers.


We control the process from raw casting to finished piece. All of products have been inspected before shipment. And we pursue a zero defects rate all the time.


An automotive supplier must past TS16949 certification, our factory, ECO die casting gained this certificate in 2012, which enables us to become qualified die casting supplier for many automotive companies. Up to now, we have successfully been a China die casting partner of Honda, VW, BMW…