ECO die casting company made this core bar die casting for a Chinese local automotive manufacturer, this part is made from aluminum A380 with precision polish treatment. The project challenge is leakage and anti-pressure using condition. As we know, a thin wall of aluminum part is easy to occur crack issue during the casting process or even using process.  To overcome this issue, we suggested clients to add some enhancement ribs on the part when we perform a DFM process. Meanwhile, we specially designed some vent slot that used to exhaust the filling pressure during the casting process. Finally we get a 98% of acceptance rate for mass production.

For quality inspection, we perform SPC control in line for each 30 minutes. All of critical dimensions are fully measured by CMM and other measuring equipment. By doing those serious quality measure, we have gained total customer satisfication. Nowadays we are proud to announce that we have become the one of the key die casting suppliers for this clients.