Chair Stand

This chair stand is a zinc die casting part that we manufactured it for a China local furniture company. We worked it from casting part DFM, mold tooling design, raw casting, to finished product.


The part is used to mount chair wheel and the chair body, which requires heavy loading resistance about 180Kg with very good surface finish. We used Zamak 3, as this material provides excellent mechanical and physical properties. For surface finish, we exerted a high shinny zinc electro-plating. It makes a very good appearance with anti-scratch surface.


Although the order is only 2000 pcs for each order, but we we had never neglected the quality control. We control the whole process from raw die casting material to finished goods.  The critical dimension for this part is the locating hole, we take fully goods inspected by CMM and micrometer. Because this feature is used to assemble sit and stand bar.

Up to now, Our client has been very happy with our high performance parts.