The arc ring is a medical component that made from magnesium die casting process, since magnesium allow products perform light weight, thin wall(only 1.2mm), and excellent strength(two times of plastic parts). Those properties are just what a medical products required. We worked through from material choose, product DFM, mold making,  raw die casting, CNC machining, electro-plating, and packaging. As a magnesium die casting part, we use a hot die casting chamber machine, where the molten magnesium material was melted and ejected into the mold tool directly under a high pressure. After ejection, we remove extra material and gate from the die casting part. Then move it for polish, secondary machining, and surface treatment.


The project challenge is the sealing feature that requires no liquid leakage issue, and we have to ensure a flatness of 0.1mm where is mounted and sealed with a rubber seal washer. We perform full inspection for its production before shipment. We successfully manufactured this project for a Italy client since 2013, up to now, we have produced over 850,000 pcs totally. This is also how we are proud of our high quality magnesium die casting service.