aluminium die casting parts
Aluminum Die Casting


We provide custom aluminum die casting  service for worldwide customers with parts weight of  5G~30KG.

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zinc die casting
Zinc Die Casting


Eco also provides zinc die casting service with low cost, high quality, and timely delivery.

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picture of magnesium die casting
Magnesium Die Casting


Magnesium die casting is the best strength-to-weight ratio of  structural metal casting.

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About Eco Die Casting

Eco die casting Co.,Ltd is a professional custom metal die casting manufacturer in China, specializing in precision aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting parts for automotive, lighting, electronics, and industrial products.


Eco die casting company was founded in 1996, covers about 5,000 square meters of facility, grouped with 120-employee of skillful operators, engineers, and project managers. At present, our die casting capability is available for parts weight ranging 5g~30kg.


Our facility is qualified with ISO 9001-2008 and TS16949 system, which ensure standard procedure is performed and high quality products to be produced from our system. We strictly control our quality from raw material to final products, this is why we are confident to provide customers first class manufacturing services.


We offer American and European quality products, but 1/3 of their prices!

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  • Nowadays magnesium die casting is becoming more and more popular, as magnesium die casting has excellent mechanical and physical property, and it provides much precision in dimension than aluminum and zinc die casting. Meanwhile magnesium die casting is 70% lighter than steel, and 35% lighter......

  • When a product design start with new product design or development, he/they must encounter different design issues. like many tips for injection molding parts, CNC machining parts, as well as die casting metal parts. Since they are made from different material and process. You should......

  • It’s common sense that die casting is a little bit complicated manufacturing process compared to other OEM parts , when you are buying a die casting component from China, you should take it seriously before you make your decision. as you know, there is ton......