How to Select a Right Die Casting Manufacturer?

How to Select a Right Die Casting Manufacturer?

Everybody knows China is famous for the name of the world factory in recent 30 years, that is because of its low manufacturing cost and big amount of vacant labor.
If you are a business man, you might also hear that someone one around you sources die casting parts or components from Chinese local die casting manufacturers, in this way, they would save at least 30% manufacturing cost compared to the cost in US or European. Meanwhile those business people can focus on their marketing while they outsourcing their OEM products in China.

But it’s not easy to find a suitable and reliable casting supplier to cooperate. Since there are different levels of die casting factories in China. Some of them are trading company that doesn’t have their own facility, engineering, and quality system. It’s a potential risk for you to deal with those traders. As they might not be honest and responsible for you. But it doesn’t mean all of trading companies are trickers. So you should have a supplier audit team to choose a right one.

If you have any work experience working with Chinese local suppliers, you must request for a factory visiting before you determine who are your idea cooperators. Here below I can share some tips on how to find a qualified die casting manufacturer in China.

  • Facility visiting.Before you choose a China die casting manufacturer, you need to visit the manufacturing facility in person or sending a representative in China to audit. Because there are lots of trading company to pretending as factory. Everybody knows sometimes trading company did not work properly. When you visit the facility, you can see the machines, workshop, and employees. Otherwise you may be cheated or being in trick.
  • Annual turnout & reference  When you have a face-to face interview with your desired die casting company, perhaps you can ask them for annual turnout if convenient. As well their big customers occupying their main business share. This is very important to know the die casting supplier.
  • Certificate of the factory. A formal casting manufacturing factory or company should be qualified with ISO certificate to ensure quality products to be produced. And you can require or ask the casting manufacturer to show you written document.
  • Payment terms. It is very important to talk about payment term when you seal off a right die casting manufacturer. How many percent and when does the manufacturer expect to be paid? As a new customer, be aware that you might have to pay the entire amount of your first order upfront. Be sure to ask about future payment terms if you become a regular customer.
  • Social responsibility.  Nowadays social responsibility is an important parts to evaluate a supplier, especially Anti-fire issue is a vital life line for a factory. If any case, the factory is on fire. The customer may lose the products and their customer. Because the supply chain is temporarily shut down. So when you audit the die casting supplier, you must look through on it.


Based on what we shared above, I think you should already have some knowledge on how to find a right die casting manufacturer in China. If you have any project to run, please just contact Eco die casting company, and we are confident of providing you high quality casting products with very economical manufacturing cost.


Mr. Yu, the founder of Eco die casting manufacturer. Focus on alloy die casting over 20 years. Offer high quality die casting service, 30% cheaper than other die casting companies.

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