How to find a good die casting manufacturer in China?

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How to find a good die casting manufacturer in China?

It’s common sense that die casting is a little bit complicated manufacturing process compared to other OEM parts , when you are buying a die casting component from China, you should take it seriously before you make your decision. as you know, there is ton of die casting suppliers in China. but  those suppliers might be  die casting factories, traders, or sourcing agencies. Their size ranges from few people to hundred workers. They are also in different cost and quality levels.

So it is very hard to find a good die casting manufacturer for most of us. here below I would like to share some tips on how to do it right.

Prior to finding your die casting supplier, you should have a clear mind that what kind of die casting manufacturer you are looking for.  Then follow our shares as below step by step.

Step 1:  Firstly you need to think over what level of casting manufacturers you would like to work for. since there is so many different level of die casting manufacturer in China. Personally I think If your products requires high quality, standard operation system. like automotive products or medical products that they need high quality control. Then you have to find a middle-larger factories. If not, you have should find a small die casting manufacturer with economical manufacturer solution.

Step 2: You need to find out the potential die casting suppliers from search engine, B2B platform, or fairs. And make a list to define your ideal manufacturer on their company size, factory location, and capability.

Step 3: Based on your listed, you have to narrow 4~5 die casting manufacturers you expected to sort out. And make an appointment to visit them in person.

Step 4: Once a die casting manufacturer is chosen, you need to prepare a NDA and business purchasing contract which describe clearly on the non disclosure agreement, lead-time, and quality specification. Otherwise you might lose your project information when you talk to those potential suppliers.

Step 5:  You should require a main communication window(sale or project manager) from the die casting manufacturer that you can easily talk with them for quality control plan and weekly project update in future, it can strongly shorten the lead-time and control the risk of project faulty. And constantly control the process and final products whatever for quality and lead-time.

The above mentioned is our knowledge on how you should find a die casting manufacturing company in China. Hope it will be helpful for your business. If you still have problem on it, you are welcome to contact us for help. Eco die casting will be always here for you.


Mr. Yu, the founder of Eco die casting manufacturer. Focus on alloy die casting over 20 years. Offer high quality die casting service, 30% cheaper than other die casting companies.

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