Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is used to increase physical and mechanical properties of aluminum die casting products, particularly in their strength and hardness

Normally the heat treatment of aluminum casting parts consists of the heating and cooling process, which does not change too much to the actual dimension, nor the shape of casting products. In this way, the casting part will be much improved the die cast part’s strength, hardness and electrical conductivity.

Eco Die Casting company has the capability to provide any types of treatment options for our customers. Please just contact us for help if you have any request.


Sand Blasting

Eco die casting offers sand blasting for customers when there is a demands. Most of time, we provide hanging sand blasting and barrelling sand blasting for die casting parts. After sand blasting process, the casting part may be added about 0.01~0.02mm material on the surface. If the assembly feature of casting part is sandblasted, we strongly recommend customers to consider this balance.



E-coating is also well-known as electro-coating, electronic painting, and electrophoretic is used for high pressure die casting products for its superior coverage, adhesion, and anti-corrosion properties, especially used in auto parts and medical part, in addition, it is also an economical and practical surface treatment.


For different casting material, we can process e-coating on any material that conducts electricity like aluminum, zinc, brass, and steel.



Anodizing is a process through which the die casted part is immersed in a tank containing an acid solution. An electric current is then passed through the container. The combination of oxygen and the surface aluminum forms a hard film of aluminum oxide on the profile. This film serves to increase the resistance to corrosion and abrasions.

Anodizing is available in both clear and colored coatings, but black is mostly preferred. In preparation for anodizing, a part is usually etched first. For black anodizing, black color is introduced during the process. With die casted parts, the black color ranges from light tan to black.


Powder Coating

The power coating is used on die casting parts to obtain a sand feeling on the surface of parts. the finish of powder coating part is usually tougher than liquid paint Powder, and Powder Coating capabilities include a wide spectrum of colors, thickness, textures, softness, edge coverages, flexibilities, machinabilities, smoothness, and temperature ranges.