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Experienced Die Casting Mold Maker

Eco die casting company is reliable custom die casting mould maker in China, as we are grouped with a sophisticated die casting team who has more than 20 years of solid work experience in metal die casting mold making, and our professional die casting mold makers are committed to offing customers a high efficient, durable, and economical die casting solution.

We utilize the most advanced design software and mold analysis software for our die casting mold design and product design. They are Pro/e Wildfire 5.0, Unigraphics NX, Solidworks 2015, Master CAM X8,Cimatron E11, Magma 5.3, and Auto CAD 2012, which are strong foundation to provide creative design scheme.


How We Consider for Casting Details :

Parting line is to make two different sides of a casting mold come together ,and obtain the desired geometry of part, a reasonable parting line could present a nice product surface. We fully understand the importance of this concern, and we’ve always choose the most suitable parting line during our die casting mold design.


Draft is the a certain angle of the tooling core or parts to be easily released when die casting production process. All die cast surfaces that are parallel to the opening direction of the die require draft for the proper ejection of the casting from the die. Otherwise there must be a potential manufacturing risk for the die mold.

image-of-die-casting-mold-makingFillet is round juncture of two surfaces that would have otherwise met at a sharp corner or edge. When die casting part design, experienced product designer must put some fillets on the optimized parts so as to remove undesirable edges and corners, as well for stress concentration consideration.


Pillar is designed to support some stand-offs surface or to assemble other parts with screws. Based on our experience, for maximum integrity and strength of the die casting reason, The thickness of pillar must be equal or exceed the universal wall thickness. Otherwise the pillar might be easily cracked.


Rib is designed to strength walls, surface, or other functional features, so that the target part will be strong enough for any work condition. For die casting manufacturing consideration, we sincerely comment our client can make the thickness ribs at 50%~80% of universal wall thickness. So as to eliminate or reduce shrinkage of the parts during the casting process.


Holes and windows We would specially advise adding proper draft on holes and window feature, because when die casting manufacturing, the perimeters of these features will grip to the die steel during solidification.


Mold Flow Simulation

mold-flow-simulationIt is commonly noted that the mold flow simulation can accurately predicate a cast component’s quality before product develops. This results in a reduction in pre-production sampling costs as optimized flow simulation leads to time, energy, material, and mold cost savings.
At every beginning of each die casting development, our professional engineering team will utilize mold flow simulation software (Magmasoft Magma5.3) to analyze the casting feasibility and predicate any potential defect even the mold is not kicked-off. This action is very useful in predicting where Shrink is, deformation might be, and other unseeing risks. Based on the simulation data, our engineering team can see the air/gas entrapment, hot spots, and other potential design risks.
When the casting design is optimized, our engineers also utilize simulation software for the existing tool tied to machine parameters to view the metal flow through the gating, runner system, and cavity in the casting mold. Making subtle input changes into the mold flow software can provide immediate feedback on what changes need to be made to the die, process, or equipment. In this way, problem solving time is greatly reduced and often results are immediate. Moreover we can proactively reduce defects and scrap rate.

CAE Analysis of simulated castings

die casting molding analysisIn casting product development, a little change of product geometry would lead to significant changes of casting design, tooling design, melt flow pattern, and process route, and parameter configuration. This is why and how the CAE simulation analysis is so important to us.
At every beginning of each casting project, we utilize CAE simulation technology to simulate the entire casting system, and imitate the dynamic behaviors of the system in working conditions, provide complete design information for generating, verifying, validating and optimizing design solutions for process and die cast mold design via simulation of the entire casting process. It is actually proved that CAE simulation results can offer a helpful reference for die-casting mold and production design.
In addition, the design information provided helps reveal and predict the final product output in terms of product microstructure, defects, quality and properties in such a way that the optimal design solution can be determined.

Casting Manufacturing Engineering

die-casting-manufacturer-chinaAs we know, die casting is a casting process using casting machine to give force onto the molten metal under high pressure through a mold. The metal material from die casting mold is called die casting products. In order to meet customer’s requirement, a quality metal die casting manufacturer must take into consideration of the cost, quality, and efficiency.

We provide one stop die casting manufacturing solution including die casting mold making, aluminum & zinc die casting parts, finish, secondary operation, surface treatment, etc, which makes our customers very convenient to have their project to be made at our company.

At Eco Die Casting, we have a sophisticated team with high skilled, creative, and trained operators, engineers, and managers that are available to assist both existing and potential customers. Our project managers play roles of both sales manager and project manager, as they have years of technical work experience, and they facilitate the development of functional, practical mold designs while improving both the quality and efficiency in each individual phase of the engineering and production process, working simultaneously with the internal team of our production, quality, and sales teams, which also enables them to perform quote requests, follow up prototypes, collaborate with product and casting mold designer to ensure customer satisfaction and high-quality die casting products to be manufactured.

Once you have any die casting project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free discussion. And we are quite confident of providing you best casting solution. Contact us now and benefit your business earlier.