Our Contract Assembly Service

Eco die casting company offer product assembly services to those customers who need one stop manufacturing service, and get the final packed products at their destination. In this way, our customers can focus on their main competency in marketing or branding.


We have skillful operators, technicians, and engineers in house to meet customer’s assembly demands. So you don’t need to find somewhere else for turnkey manufacturing services. Eco has continuously striving to simplify the some complicated manufacturing process and create best quality products at lower costs.


Our Contract Assembly Services Include:

  1. Mechanical fasten assembly by both machine and labor
  2. Ultrasonic welding
  3. Gluing and screwing assembly
  4. Full product assembly and testing service


Our Assembly & Manufacturing Process:

  1. Manufacturing layout and facility preparation
  2. Manufacturing engineer release BOM, exploring DWG, written work instruction to our product department.
  3. Production supervisor and line leader prepare material, tool, fixture to production.
  4. IPQC monitor and inspect the production line when production.
  5. QA inspect and authorize the final products to be shipped to clients.