Automotion in Die casting Industry

Automotion in Die casting Industry

It’s a noticeable sense that the manufacturing cost in China is increasing higher and higher, nearly close to US and European, especially for real estate and labor cost, it forces more and more Chinese die casting companies to think about automation to replace workers. This will save lots of salary and management cost.


On the other hand, die casting is a special working condition which is high temperature and easy to injure. This is also a big advantage for automation application in the die casting facility. Automation of a manufacturing process is more sophisticated and complicated than the mechanization of various operations.


All in one, as most of China die casting manufacturer move toward automation, noticeable changes occur. The operation tends to become safer. Production and quality improves considerably. Automation upgrades the labor force by requiring the development of new skills for machine set-up, programming, electronics, mechanics and maintenance.

This is the current reality for our Chinese die casting manufacturers, if you have any query, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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