Aluminum Die Casting for Automotive Parts

aluminium die casting

Aluminum Die Casting for Automotive Parts

It’s very common to see the material of aluminum is used in automotive die casting parts, here we would like to talk about something about the advantage of aluminum die casting for automotive industry.In the past, the steel was used as the base metal for automobile components and framework. But, in the near past, the aluminum has replaced the steel because of its benefits for the manufacturers and users. The aluminum die casting alloy is advantageous both for the manufacturing industry and automobile users. That is why; we can see the tremendous increase in the use of aluminum in automotive parts and framework.

Comparison between aluminum die casting and steel die casting:

To understand the reason for the increasing trends of aluminum die casting, you must know the difference between steel and aluminum. To make it easy to understand, we have made a short comparison of aluminum die casting and steel die casting. It will help you to understand the reason that why aluminum is better than steel for the automotive industry.

  • You might notice corrode in the old version cars made with steel as the base metal. In the past, many luxurious cars have been brought in the markets which were made by steel components. However, those cars needed extra care to protect from corrosion. Although, the steel is the strong material but the corrosion is its unavoidable drawback. On the other side, the aluminum is safer than steel regarding rusting.
  • The steel produces heavy resistance against molding and shaping to made different types of components. As compare to the steel, the aluminum is easy to mold. Due to easy die casting feature, you can get better designs of components and frame parts of the automobiles.
  • The manufacturers use aluminum die casting because the aluminum needs less labor to design and manufacture the parts. The aluminum die casting is cost effective because of less labor requirements.
  • Due to easy molding feature, the manufacturers can make fine components with smooth inner and outer surfaces. The plain components produce less friction while moving over each other. Especially, the engine components made of aluminum last longer and reduce the engine sound. The reduced friction also keeps the engine and other components cool while running.
  • Another reason for using aluminum in the automobiles is its lightweight. Due to lightweight components and framework, the aluminum makes the automobile economical regarding fuel consumption. Currently, most of the companies are manufacturing luxurious cars with aluminum components and framework. The companies proudly offer the luxurious vehicles with cheaper fuel consumption which has become possible due to aluminum die casting in the automotive industry.


Although, there are many advantages of aluminum die casting for the automotive industry but I found a disadvantage of aluminum. The aluminum is costly metal than the steel which might increase the production cost of the automobiles. However, if we take a cursory look at the advantages of aluminum die casting, we can see that at many stages, the aluminum reduces the cost. For example, the aluminum die casting reduces the labor cost and it also enhances the life expectancy of the automobile. So, the aluminum die casting is also economical if we correlate the manufacturing coat and material cost.


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