Custom Die Casting Parts Manufacturer


ECO die casting company,  a professional die casting parts manufacturer in DongGuang China, providing one-stop aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloy die casting services with lower cost and consistent quality.

With over 20 years of experience, we mainly serve global small and medium size companies for parts weight from 30 gram to 15 KG.

We accept small volume of order(200 pcs), and provide free mold tool cost for volume production projects(Consult our sales team for details)

About Us

our die casting factoryECO die casting is a professional custom die casting manufacturer in DongGuang China, offering one-stop aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloy die casting parts manufacturing services for automotive, medical, lighting, electronic, and industrial products.


Founded in 1996, our factory was certificated with ISO 9001-2018 and TS 16949 quality system, covers about 3500 square meters of factory, and 120 professional employees. At present, our factory is equipped with 12 sets of zinc die casting machines, 25 sets of aluminum die casting machines, 2 sets of CMM, 3 Projects, 1 spectrometer, etc. our yearly die casting turnout is about 1,500,000 pcs.(for medium complex parts).


With professional die casting facility and team, we help worldwide small and medium size companies to build best quality die casting components with lower cost and timely lead-time.  By continuous improvement and innovation technology, our goal is to become top die casting company in China.

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Looking for a Reliable Die Casting Manufacturer?

One-stop Die Casting Manufacturing Service

We have been engaging in die casting manufacturing service since 1996, and served more than 200 clients all over the world!

aluminium die casting parts

Aluminum Die Casting


We are equipped with 15 sets of aluminum casting machines ranging from 120T~1600T, workable for part weight of 30G to 15KG.

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Zinc Die Casting


The common zinc die casting material we use includes Zamak-2, Zamak-3, Zamak-5, ZA-8, ZA12, ZA27 for diverse die casting parts

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picture of magnesium die casting

Magnesium Die Casting


Magnesium die casting is our core competition in the market, our offer is 30% cheaper than other companies

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Five Reasons to Choose Us


1. Lower Price(30% cheaper)

  • Most of die casting mold tool made by us ranges about US $1500~$3500, and die casting parts range from US $0.25~$2.0( for simple and middle complex parts)
  • Free die casting mold program is available at us, which means if order quantity is up to 500,000 pcs, then we refund all of mold too cost to customer
  • Since we are not a big company, we have lower company running cost than other die casting companies. Relatively our offer is 30% cheaper than other Chinese die casting companies. And 40% cheaper than Western casting manufacturers.


2. Life-long Quality Guaranty

  • Since we work for global clients, our die casting products are completely in accordance with international die casting standards, like NADCA(America), EN1706(Europe), JIS(Japan),
  • We use first class die casting mold steel as S136, SKD61, H13, NAK55, NAK80, DAC, DH-31, 8407, 8418, 2344, etc. all of mold core and cavity steel are hardened with HRC 48°~54° , which enables our mold life can reach about 100,000~300,000 cycles.
  • Unlike other Chinese die casting manufacturers who might use recycled or low quality material. However We ECO die casting source the first-hand and superior grade raw material like ADC10, ADC12, A360, A380, A383, Zamak3, Zamak5, Zamak8, Zamak27, AZ31B, AZ40M, AZ61M, AZ91D, M2M, ZK61M, ZK61S, etc. All of raw material comes with ROHS and live material composition inspection report.
  • Before and after casting process, we get all of our material composition inspected, meanwhile We perform aging test with AQL sampling plan before goods leave our factory.


3. Free Mold Modification and Maintenance

  • If any design modification needed after mold tool is finalized or in production, we provide free mold tool modification service to all of our client.
  • We offer free mold maintenance to all of production mold tool that clients left at us, it including monthly, quarterly, and annual clear, rusty-free treatment, and part replacement.


4. Free DFM and Engineering Support

  • Prior to project initiation, we provide free DFM analysis to ensure the most quality casting parts to be manufactured at us. It includes casting part refining, material choose, mold design scheme, mold flow analysis, casting process design, packaging, and test method.
  • Most of time, our clients are not as knowledgeable in casting design, we will provide free design and manufacturing to help clients defining every technical data. Like part structure, material choose, tolerance, test criteria.


5. Rich Experience in Western Market & No Communication Barrier

  • ECO started foreign business since 1999, it means we have nearly 20 years of experience in working with Western clients, and communication is our first expertise.
  • Our sales and engineering team have over 15 years of casting experience, they speak both good English and technical tongue.
  • We keep open communication window for 7/24 with phone, email, Skype.